War and Climate Change

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Modern warfare causes tremendous loss of life. It is used as a tool of oppression (racism, classism, anti-Semitism) and genocide to install the dominant culture. War brings huge profits to the owning class, through their investments in armaments and never-ending drive to control more land and resources. War has also unleashed unprecedented environmental havoc. Among many reasons to stop war, one is to preserve the environment. The environmental crisis cannot be resolved without ending war.
Warfare has destroyed landscapes and agricultural lands, contaminated the soil, and sped up desertification. It has polluted water supplies, destroyed wildlife habitat, and more. The recent wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and Yemen have seriously degraded these natural environments. Today there is an increasing threat of nuclear war, with disastrous global impact.
The ever increasing targeting of civilians in war has led to millions of deaths and forced migration of refugees to overpopulated urban areas. War has divided people who have the same interests and set them against one another.
The existence of racism and Islamophobia against Arabs and Muslims makes it more difficult
for people to join together in a united response to war and its impact on the environment. These, along with other oppressions (classism, anti-semitism, genocide) are used to divide us.
All the above perpetuates a cycle of destruction. War uses resources and accelerates climate change. Climate change is causing drought and famine; violence and war are easily incited under these conditions.
Sustaining All Life is an international grassroots organization working to end climate change. We do this in the context of ending all divisions among people. We must heal from the current and historical traumas of war to build unity. We use the tools of Re-evaluation Counseling.*
Sharing experiences is a powerful tool. It strengthens our activism and helps us move toward a united environmental movement. Several times during the workshop participants will take turns listening to each other. We will tell our stories connected to war, migration, racism, and Islamophobia against Arabs and Muslims. We will share how we have internalized the effects of these experiences. Our human liberation depends on us understanding each other and building alliances to work together for lasting change.

Interpretation in some languages available upon request. Please inquire.