Climate Justice World Cafe

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Morning Climate Justice Tables:

1) Building relationship between different climate justice youth groups over a cup of coffee: 1) Stories of Resistance 2) Sharing of Successful Strategies in Climate Justice Groups;

2) Invoking our morning minds to discuss accessibility of main decision making spaces on climate change, intersectional approach and practical solidarity in our groups: couple of tables;

3) #Slot open for proposals from other youth climate justice groups – we’re keen to hear if you have an urging issue you would like to bring to the table. Please get in touch with us before tomorrow evening.

4) Morning table to exchange contacts for next activities.

The cafe will run for 2 hours in total and we will give you more concrete instructions when you’re here. As spaces are limited, cafe will be always open to come and go, thus if you join us for 20 minutes or an hour – all good!

The event will end at 11:30am and we will be travelling to the mass mobilisation march in Bonn afterwards (25 min walk or 15 min bus ride!)

You can contact Kate on +447711880864 if you have more questions or issues on the day.