CARE Millennium Award 2017

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Since 2007 CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V. awards this prize every second year to personalities who made an important contribution to the implementation of the millennium and sustainable development goals of the United Nations. This year we honour the former executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, for her outstanding, long-term and sustainable commitment for the climate protection. Dr. Barbara Hendricks, German Minister for the Environment, will give the laudation. The event start at 6 p.a.

Upfront at 5 p.m. we will celebrate the opeing of the exhibition “climate heroines” which portraits 12 strong women worldwide in their fight against against climate change,
The climate change results in extreme weather phenomena with devastating influences that are also noticeable in our region. But for the poorest of the poorest people on a global level periods of drought, heavy rains and whirlwinds represent an existential threat. From the 6th till the 17th of November the 23rd World Climate Conference takes place in Bonn. More than 25.000 participants are expected. With the Paris convention the participating countries adopted an ambitious catalog of measures to protect the climate. In this context the declaration of the responsibility of the industrialized countries to achieve the main climate goals was an important breakthrough.

CARE Germany-Luxemburg as well as CARE International are committed to implement these goals. Without an effective climate protection sustainable development is impossible to proceed. With the exhibition and the award we want to underline the urgency of the realization and the further development of this convention. With the friendly assistance of the City Bonn both events will take place in the foyer of the headquarters of the Deutsche Telekom AG in the Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140, very close to the conference terrain.

The exhibition: CARE International supports people around the world in their fight against the consequences of climate change and for the maintenance of their homes. The biggest impact on these efforts is done by women: these women do hard work in the fields and provide food for the family; at the same time they share their knowledge about the nature with their family and their community and provide an important network of knowledge – in consequence they literally become the hope of those effected by climate change. In cooperation with the renowned photography agency laif our “climate heroines” were portrayed in different places around the world. Mostly in the context of a CARE project, all of them stand up to fight the consequences of the climate change. The impressive photo series will be shown during the World Climate Conference for the first time. Dr. Wolfgang Jamann, Secretary General of CARE International, will open the exhibition at 5:00 pm with a ceremonial speech. From 2018 on the exhibition will be shown in many big German railway stations.

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